Contemporary Jewellery Gallery

Rhythm Collection

Rhythm Silver Bangle | Ring

The “Rhythm” collection is inspired by sound waves with regular undulating curves, not only is the wave design along the length of the jewellery it is in profile also. The jewellery has a satin finish to emphasise its sculptural quality.
Silver Bangle £105, Silver Ring £46.

Rhythm Curved End Stud Earrings

Silver Curved End Stud Earrings – £36

Silver Curved End Pendant

Silver Curved End Pendant – £45

Rubber Choker – £16

Silver flat end stud earrings

Silver Flat End Stud Earrings – £36


Curved End Brooch

Silver Curved End Brooch – £48

Curved end pendant snake chain

Silver Curved End Pendant on Snake Chain – £69